Undergraduate ID Society

Every year, the International Development Society organizes a variety of social and academic events for ID students and the campus community at large. If you are interested in meeting new people and looking for ways in which to apply your interests, come out and join! The ID Society will be offering plenty of opportunities to both organize and participate in various events throughout the year. Some events include International Development Week in February, guest speakers, program feedback sessions and much more. The ID Society also holds regular general meetings, to which all are welcome, as well as periodic socials. The ID Society is your opportunity to be involved, organize activities and events, and create a sense of community for all ID students.

Executive members are elected in the spring of every year and one member sits on the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) Student Government. Watch for announcements from the ID Society on the IDS e-mail list.

And feel free to contact the ID Society for further questions at idsoc@uoguelph.ca.