Lucas Burton

Photo of Lucas Burton
Degree Title: 
BA Honours, Major in ID with Area of Emphasis in Political Economy and Administrative Change
Graduation Date: 

My experience as a Guelph International Development Student was incredibly rewarding. Throughout my four years I was consistently challenged to examine my assumptions about what “development” is, and was encouraged to think critically about the world around me. I was continually impressed by the quality of teaching in each of my courses, and feel genuinely blessed by the active role my professors played in fostering my academic and personal development. Moreover, having the opportunity to work as a research assistant in the summer after my first-year was an invaluable opportunity.

Studying at the UoG has also gave me the opportunity to connect my academic interests with extra curricular activities which led me on adventures around the globe.

I am confident that my degree in IDS has laid a solid foundation for me as I begin my Master’s of Divinity. My decision to study divinity comes in response to my desire to continue investigating the nexus between faith and development.