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IDS at the University of Guelph offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies and collaborative graduate programs to support students interested in long-term changes, global inequality, diversity, and poverty.
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The thesis defence and final examinations of Ernest Damalie and Nishanthy Balasubramaniyam, will both be held this Friday (Sept. 4th).  They are both candidates for the M.Sc degree in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics with International Development Studies.

Dr. Barry Smit, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, will be giving a talk, "Climate change is an unnatural disaster - politics and power, livelihoods and lives", on Sept. 16th 2015 from 12-1:30pm in MACK 317.  This event is sponsored by "Initiatives in Global Justice".

IDS Alumnus, Tyler Valiquette, and IDS/Political Science PhD Candidate, Yvonne Su, co-founded a not-for-profit organization called Vote SavvyVote Savvy is a non-partisan organization promoting political engagement with youth.  Visit their website and watch their video to get Vote Savvy!

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