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IDS at the University of Guelph offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies and collaborative graduate programs to support students interested in long-term change, global inequality, diversity, and poverty.


David Borish, recent IDS graduate, created a documentary called Tracks in a Tiger Economy which highlights the plight of tigers in Malaysia, including their connection to the struggles of Malaysia’s indigenous people and the environmental impact of development.  Read the Campus News Article for the full story.

Congratulations to our 2016 IDS undergraduate prize winners!
Excellence in International Development Studies prize
David Borish
International Development Studies prizes
Angela Sweeney (Economic and Business Development)
David Borish (Environment and Development)
Tunchai Redvers (Gender and Development)
Braden Weltz (Historical Perspectives in Development)
Ryley Akin (Latin American Studies)
Rosemary McKee (Political Economy and Administrative Change)
Ana Paula Becerra (Rural and Agricultural Development)

Political Science and International Development Studies PhD candidate Steffi Hamann has won a top student prize by the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development.

Steffi Hamann, PhD Candidate in Political Science/IDS, wrote a blog entry, “Dear First-Year Student in the International Development Studies Program...  A letter from a PhD candidate to new graduate students entering the field”.

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