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IDS at the University of Guelph offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies and collaborative graduate programs to support students interested in long-term change, global inequality, diversity, and poverty.
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The final lecture in the Ecologicol Justice Fall Talk Series, featuring Dr. Madhur Anand, Professor and University Research Chair in Sustainablility Science, School of Environmental Sciences, will take place Wednesday December 2, 2015, from 12-1:30pm, in Mackinnon 317.  The talk is entitled, "Ecological Justice and the case of the bistable forest-grassland mosaics of Brazil and old-growth forests of Northern Ontario ".
Tyler Valiquette, MA.POLS+IDEV student, was featured in Maclean's magazine as one of 25 amazing students under the age of 25 (number 18).  Congratulations Tyler!
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