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Welcome to IDS at Guelph!

IDS at the University of Guelph offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies and collaborative graduate programs to support students interested in long-term changes, global inequality, diversity, and poverty.  We currently have nearly 600 undergraduate students and over 50 collaborating graduate students.  Join us on Facebook!


Kent Schroeder, Canada's first PhD graduate in IDS, and Sarah Pugh, IDS PhD candidate, talk about their research and why they chose the IDS PhD collaborative program at Guelph.  May 30th, 2014.

Congratulations to our 2014 IDS undergraduate prize winners!
Excellence in International Development Studies prize
Michele Donne
International Development Studies prizes
Rachael Vriezen (Economics and Business Development)
Anne Legate-Wolfe (Environment and Development)
Erin Stefaniuk (Historical Perspectives in Development)
Candice Viveiros (Latin American Studies)
Lucas Burton (Political Economy and Administrative Change)
Anna Aukema (Rural and Agricultural Development)

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